Drying Times After Carpet Cleaning

There are many different companies that consumers and businesses have to choose from when looking for carpet cleaning services, however the quality of the clean and service vary widely. For example the type of equipment used has a direct impact on both how clean the carpets are afterwards, but also on the amount of time needed to completely dry the carpets after cleaning. This may be important for many homeowners who want to see as little disruption as possible, but also for businesses who don’t want to lose any customers due to being closed while carpets are drying.

Carpet Drying Time
Most professional carpet cleaning services use a hot water extraction method. So naturally one of the questions we get asked quite often is “how fast are my carpets going to dry”? The simple truth is that our equipment has a far superior vacuum to most other carpet cleaning companies in this area and therefore your carpets will dry much faster , in fact they usually dry between 1 to 2 hours.

Upholstery Drying Time
Sofas and other quicker upholstery usually dry between four and six hours, depending on the type of fabric used.
Fastest Drying Time
Without being too immodest this is one of the fastest drying times in the industry and it is an important factor for most of our customers.

So, how long will the carpets and upholstery take to dry?

Well, carpets usually take one to two hours and upholstery takes somewhere between four and eight hours, depending on the fabric. It’s another reason why I like to come around and see each job first because I like to test the fibres and can then tell you roughly how long it’s going to take to dry and how long it will take to clean the upholstery. Carpets are more standard, and they usually take, as I say, about an hour to dry.

Powerful Vacuum
Something that we are also sometimes asked about, is that since our equipment is four times more powerful than most other equipment being used on the Wirral, won’t it damage the carpet? The simple fact is it has been designed in America to deep clean carpets and upholstery without causing any negative effects whatsoever.  It will actually lift the pile up in most carpets, and often a home looks like it has brand new carpeting when we’re finished.

I’ve been in this business since 1988 and in my experience we’ve put together the best cleaning package you can get in this area at this present moment in time. And we have invested heavily in the very best equipment which is at least four times more powerful than other cleaners who are using this type of van mounted equipment.

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No Soap or Shampoo Residue
Because of the fact that we do not use soap or shampoo your carpets will stay cleaner infinitely longer than most of the cleaners. The reason for this is that there is no sticky residue left in your carpets and wool carpets feel and look and smell absolutely terrific. The feel of the texture will be really soft. This particularly applies to oriental rugs. If you have an oriental rope which is worth maybe 1000 pounds or maybe even up to 2000 pounds I can assure you that we can clean it safely and beautifully, and bring it back home and they will look in most cases like a brand new rug again.

And another question that gets asked is about any chemicals that we use. The products we use are very, very safe and are actually specially imported from USA and will be safe to use and will not leave any sticky residue because they do not use any detergents which can go into the carpets. In fact actually the equipment we use is so efficient that we hardly have to use any spotting treatment to clean out any spots or stains. Very occasionally we have to use a rust remover or specialist product like that. But most things come out straightaway without any chemicals used at all.

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