Over the years, we have been asked just about every question possible about upholstery, rugs and carpet cleaning.

To help out, we have made a series of short helpful videos, which hopefully will answer your questions!

How Do I Clean a Stain out of My Carpet?

Can You Take My Rug Away to Clean it?

So What’s Our Guarantee?

How Long is it Going to Take to Dry?

How Do You Clean the Carpet Edges?
Most carpet cleaning machines don’t reach the edge of a carpet where it abuts a wall. Typically carpets are feathered at the skirting board where the fitter has installed the carpet grips. You would think that edges of a carpet would not get dirty, but they do for a scientific reason!
Changing weather conditions outside the house causes air pressure changes inside the walls, and air is constantly moving in and out of the skirting boards, depositing dust at the carpet edges.

We take extra steps at a carpet edge by using a spot treatment solution along the edge, and manually cleaning with a damp Terry towel. It takes longer, but we go the extra mile for a better clean.