We are proud to say we are a

Rated 5-Star Carpet Cleaning Company

We always check with our customers after each cleaning service, to make sure we did a great job. Here are a few of their comments from all across the Wirral.

“We wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provide at both our home and commercial property. Our home carpets looked as good as new after cleaning and you were also able to remove wax that had laid on the carpet for several years.

We made the mistake of choosing pale sand carpets for our office building. We had thought we would need to re- carpet both floors but after cleaning they look fantastic. So not only are we pleased with the service but you also saved us the cost of new carpets for a large two storey building.

Many thanks” Mrs Fraser, Birkenhead

“I am impressed with the overall look.” Mrs Taylor, Bebington

“Just to say thanks you for all your help and kindness, my carpets are like new again!: Mrs Williams, Bebington

“Can’t believe how quick it was to make my carpets look like new again!” Mrs Sullivan, Higher Bebington

“Very good service received quite a bit of useful technical info about carpet pile, general wear and tear etc.” Mrs Simpson, Spittal

“The colour and pile of our wool carpet, although almost 40 years old has come up looking new.” Mrs Cavon, Bebington

“Everything was excellent.” Mrs Ault, Bromborough

“Delighted with the results.” Mrs Hampson, Spittal

“The carpets look really good.” Mrs Evans, Spittal

“Good service again – this is about the 4th time we have used you.” Mrs Singleton.

“The service was excellent from the time we first telephoned to the completion, and the personnel (were) also very pleasant.” Mrs Davis , Greasby

“Excellent service and results” Mrs Worman, Greasby

“A good and friendly service” Mrs Malpas, Greasby

“First class service, no complaints. I have used you several times and will use you again.” Mrs H, Greasby. (name withheld at customer request.)

“Delighted with the results” Mrs Thomas, Thingwall

“The vehicle based cleaning machine is a great advance!” Mrs V , Heswall (name withheld at customer request)

“The hall dried faster than the dining room carpet. The dining room took approx. 3 hours. I am pleased with the result.” Mrs Wragg, Pensby.

“Another good job- the carpet is lovely and soft again!” Dr Sharples, Heswall

“Absolutely delighted by the prompt and courteous service. The carpets look like new again.” Lady Nichol, Heswall

“Perfect as ever! Many thanks.” Mr Yeowart, Heswall

“Stubborn stains removed completely.” Dr Sturrock, Irby

“Tony was very helpful in moving and re-siting the chairs etc.” Mrs P, Heswall (name withheld at customer request)

“Good service nice bloke.” Mr Halewood, Heswall.

“How do you improve EXCELLENT!!” Mr F, Irby (name withheld at customer request)

“Very good, will consider curtains in a few months.” Mr Davies, Hoylake.

“Excellent, carpet like new. Thank you.” Mre Harvey, Hoylake.

“Carpets excellent & suite is the best we ever had.: Mrs Perkins, Hoylake

“As ever- brilliant” Mrs Gravestock, Neston.

“Excellent as usual.” Mrs Fisher, Neston.

“Very pleased with the result.” Mrs Hobson, Neston.

” I have always been pleased every time I have had my carpets cleaned.” Mrs Roberts, Wallasey

“Great job, your worked hard to give a dirty sofa a new lease of life.’ Mr Bott, New Brighton

“Very courteous, hard working and an all round excellent job.” Mrs Wilson, Wallasey

“My carpets are clean, they can’t look like new as they are quite old!: Mrs Lee, Wallasey

“Carpets are as new.” Mrs Newton, Wallasey

“Very good service indeed. I have used your company before and will continue to do so.” Mrs Salisbury, New Brighton.

“Because of a lot of building work my carpets were really filthy. They came up like new.” Mrs Lewis, Prenton.

“My carpets look Brand new again.” Mr Howard, Prenton.

“I am thoroughly pleased with the results. I was thinking of buying new carpets, but now there is no need. You also did an excellent job on my sofa and rug.” Mrs Roberts, Prenton.

“The carpets are almost like new and the complements I’ve had speaks volumes.” Mrs Swallow.

“My carpet is nice and bouncy now.” Mrs Dowden, Prenton.

“Excellent results, Technician worked very hard and was very friendly.: Mrs Smith, Prenton.